Northern Virginia Chocolate Fountain

Count on Northern Virginia Fountain to provide your guests with a variety of choices when the fountain is presented as a sweet hors-d'œuvre opener or a dessert display.  Through experience we've learned which dipping delights best compliment your choice of chocolate (extra dark, dark, milk, white and caramel). 

Our Dipping Delights are offered in two different packages:

'Basic' Dipping Delight Package (5 items at $2.00 per guest)
Choice of any 3 premium and 2 non-premium items from the Dipping Delight List

'Premium' Dipping Delight Package (7 items at $2.75 per guest)
Choice of any items from the Dipping Delight List

FRUITS - Prepared, cut to size & cleaned (some fruits are seasonal):

  •  Kiwi -quartered    
  • Strawberries - cut**                                                 
  • Apricots - dried**
  • Pineapple - cut bite-sized**           
  • Peaches - quartered                       
  • Oranges - sliced
  • Grapes - on the vine**                    
  • Nectarines                                        
  • Maraschino cherries

**  Designates Premium Items

Also available on display to cut and served

fresh at the table so there is no browning:

  • Granny Smith Apples         
  • Cantaloupe         
  • Pears         
  • Bananas         
  • Melon                    

  • Krispy Creme Donut Holes**   
  • Pirouettes**
  • Brownies**               
  • Potato Chips             
  • Marshmallows                
  • Vanilla Pound Cake**
  • Pizzelle (new)       
  • Angel Food Cake      
  • Rice Krispie Treats       
  • Peanut Butter Balls

**  Designates Premium Items

​​Dipping Delights Menu

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CAKE ITEMS - Served in bowls:

  • Pretzels             
  • Lady Fingers**             
  • Pay Day candy bars           
  • Animal Crackers
  • Oreos                
  • Biscotti**                    
  • Graham Crackers          
  • Creme Puffs**
  • Scones**              
  • Macaroons**