Northern Virginia Chocolate Fountain

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       * Delivery is available in the Northern Virginia Metropolitan Area. 

6   hand-dipped strawberries in a gift box                         $15    10  hand-dipped strawberries in a gift box                        $25  
35  hand-dipped strawberries on a decorative platter    $60 

We offer pre-dipped strawberries!

We Deliver Pre-Dipped Delights

Share the indulgent taste of custom blended chocolate-covered strawberries.  Just imagine the smiles on their faces as the bite into a juicy strawberry blanketed in rich dark, milk or white chocolate.  Each strawberry is hand-dipped in your choice of our custom blended chocolate and decorated to look as good as they taste!

Pre-Dipped chocolate-covered strawberries are perfect for many occasions: 

Valentine's Day,  Bridal Showers,  Rehearsal Dinners, Corporate Events, Mother's Day. 

The possibilities are endless!